Professionnal biography

2000 - 2005 : Initial education - Computer Science at University of Lille

After my “Baccalauréat” diploma ( = High School Diploma) in 2000, i started my studies in the University of Lille, the largest French university with more than 70000 students.


From 2000 to 2005 i studied computer science, earning successively a Diploma of General University Studies (D.E.U.G.), a Bachelor’s Degree and last but not least, a Master’s degree with a specialization in network and systems infrastructure administration.

2005 - 2008 : The early years - how i became a DBA

orange_business After my Master’s degree graduation, i decided to move to Paris, the best place to acquire significative experience. From 2005 to 2008, i worked as a Systems engineer at Orange Business Services. I was mainly involved in IT Infrastructure Monitoring Systems projects for major French companies including SFR ( French mobile communications company ), RATP (public transport operator and maintainer for bus and subways in Paris ), La Poste (postal service company) …. It’s during these early years that i discovered the Oracle Database ( versions 8i/9i at that time) and his incredible robustness that lead my curiosity to learn more about the internal mecanisms of that RDBMS. Quickly, i participated in more and more projects involving SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle databases and i shifted from system engineer to a full time DBA.

2008 - 2017 : From confirmation to expertise in RDBMS:

In 2008, i had the opportunity to work as a DBA for one of the biggest French retail group : Auchan (#18 retailer in the world in 2018). At that time, Retail industry was forced to adapt to the new digital world as consumers habits were changing (first iphone was released just one year ago). I was in charge of the oracle databases for the website and Auchan drive stores. At that time, Auchan Drive store were a huge revolution where customers could shop online and pick it up within 5 minutes (guaranteed !) in the store of their choice.

It was my very first time working for a retailer and it was extremely challenging as the SLA for the stores were quite high.

In 2010, i decided to change for another retailer, but in the BtoB Business, Lyreco. At my arrival, i had the opportunity to participate in a deep reshape of the database environments with the implementation of the Exadata Database machine. Using my previous experiences, i was able to industrialize completely the process of database creation, reducing the time to deliver from 7 days to less than 1 day.

It was a great success and most of the treatments durations involving databases were reduced greatly.

2017 - 2018 : Digital transformation and career shift to data science

In early 2017, Lyreco decided to launch his digital transformation and i was involved, due to my database expertise, in the POC of new Big Data tools : Hadoop (Hortonworks), Spark, Vertica DB… It was at that time that i really discovered the Big Data Ecosystem and also the new roles of Data Scientist and Data engineer.

At that time, i was looking for a way to be more close to the core business of my company. As a production DBA, i was involved in every technical projects but i was really feeling like i was in a IT services company within Lyreco.


The role of Data Scientist, highly cross-disciplinary from business to computer science was really attractive to me. Thus i decided to find the best way to shift to this role by doing a Post-Master’s degree in Datascience at Telecom Paris, one of the most famous engineering schools in France.

2018 - : Data Scientist


During my Post-Master’s, i was involved in a r&d project with Safran Engineering Services. The objective was to predict failure of Helicopter’s engines. Project was divided in 2 parts : Part 1 was an application of Compressive Sensing Theory, a innovative signal processing technique. Part 2 was to elaborate a predictive maintenance model to detect, for example, signs of gear’s tooths damage in the reconstructed signal.

I did my Post-Master’s internship in Decathlon, #4 world sport retailer in revenues. This internship was very structuring for me: it allowed me to put into practice the knowledge acquired during my Post-Master’s year on a Demand Forecasting project. The objective was to predict the future Demand on more than 30000 products from Decathlon’s products catalogue on a 10 weeks horizon (average replenishment time). I was mainly working with the opensource library Gluonts, the final solution was based on Amazon DeepAR , see Arxiv.